Easy to install in almost any cowshed

The Dual Waterbed is easy to install and fits in just about any cowshed. The waterbeds are supplied on a roll to the desired length. After unrolling, the mat is fixed to the two ends with stainless steel strips and special stainless-steel concrete nails. At the front, the mat is fixed with aluminium profiles and with the special stainless-steel concrete nails. After that, each waterbed is individually filled with water and is then ready for use.

It is recommended that you have the installation carried out by specialist installers. 

The Dual Waterbed applications

For both existing cowsheds and new construction projects, all types of floating dividers can be used in combination with the Dual Waterbed. The waterbeds are available in widths of 1100, 1125, 1150, 1200 mm or more.

The Dual Waterbeds can be installed with all sorts of cubicle dividers, including R-cubicles and 3-corner cubicles. After the Dual Waterbeds are installed and filled, the cubicle dividers can once again be put back in place. That is because adequate space is available between two waterbeds to attach the foot plates of R-cubicles and 3-corner cubicles.

Dual Waterbeds can also be used in your cowshed in a group stall with no further modifications being required.

Proper positioning of the cow – the knee bar

The knee bar is manufactured from 125 x 7.4 mm polyethylene tubing. Larger size tubing can be used on request. The correct positioning of the knee bar in combination with the neck bar is very important for ensuring that the cow ends up in the best position. This will also keep the stalls cleaner. This also prevents the so-called slouching in the cubicle, i.e. the cow standing with her front legs in the cubicle and her hind legs on the manure passage, because the cow is not reluctant to lie down and can easily get up again.
If you have any questions about the installation options of the Dual waterbeds at your farm, don't hesitate to contact us, without obligation, for further information.

Dual Waterbed installation video: