Maximum production

To be able to produce optimally, a cow must be able to feed and rest when she wishes. If the cow is unable to lie comfortably, after feeding and milking, she will continually ‘muck about’. This is energy draining for the cow and will also hamper milk production. On a Dual Waterbed, a cow can lie very comfortably and rest optimally. The Dual Waterbed is unique in its kind thanks to its two-compartment mattress design and its durable material. Not one other cow mattress can offer what the Dual Waterbed can offer your cattle farm.

No pressure points: no damaged and/or swollen hocks

Unlike other mattresses, with so-called solid filling, the Dual Waterbed returns to its original shape and position, year after year. With its liquid filling, the mattress fully conforms to the cow’s body. This creates an even upward pressure, which prevents pressure points from developing on the cow’s heels. Pressure points cause bald patches on the heels, which can then lead to skin irritation. The pressure on the heel, which generally persists for hours, impedes the blood circulation in the leg. This increases the chance of waste products accumulating in the heel, which leads to swelling with all its consequences.

The situation is comparable to a sickbed. When a person is bedridden for an extended period, he/she is almost always given a special bed – a waterbed or air mattress – that prevents bedsores. This bed conforms itself to the contours of the patient’s body and distributes support evenly to prevent any skin irritations from developing. This is precisely the type of positive effect that a cow experiences when using the Dual Waterbed.



The mat’s rounded shape permit urine and any leaked milk to run off, which greatly decreases the risk of infection, which in turn reduces the threat of mastitis considerably. Because the lying bed stays mostly dry, you realise considerable savings on the use of stable litter. Less stable litter means less work and in turn leads to significant cost reductions.