Water flows away when pressure is applied to it. As a result, a cow, when lying down, can still end up with its heels on the hard surface. This is prevented by the 2-compartment construction. The water in the rear compartment remains in place and continues to carry the cow. Thanks to this construction, the lying comfort is comparable to how a boat floats on the water: no direct contact with the hard ground, but complete support, no pressure points and, as a result, cow comfort at its best! 


Practice has borne out that the warmer the cow is when lying down, the more milk she will leak. The Dual waterbed prevents this. In summer, the temperature of the underlying concrete is lower than the ambient temperature so that a lot of heat is extracted from the waterbed and the cow stays cooler. The result is less milk leakage, while the box remains cleaner, and there is less chance of infection. 

The cooler waterbed also reduces overheating of the skin. This prevents bald spots which could result in injury of the skin and in turn reduces the possibility of inflammation, which means healthier animals.

When the Dual waterbeds are being used, there is no chance of the waterbeds freezing during the winter.


The Dual waterbeds are made of high quality rubber with polyester 'armour'. This 'armour' gives a very high degree of strength and durability. The Dual waterbed will continue to hold its shape year after year and will therefore also continue to offer all the above-mentioned benefits.

If you would like more information about available sizes and possibilities for your farm, please do not hesitate to contact us.