A revolution in the sector

You would think that waterbeds for cows are a recent development, but cows have in fact been lying on waterbeds from as early as 1994. After the introduction of the cow waterbed, constructed a bit differently, it's true, interest was short-lived because of the relatively high purchase price. In those days, cows lay mainly on rubber mats or on sawdust with concrete underneath. In 2003, the American company ACT (Advanced Comfort Technology) launched the Dual Waterbed on the American and Canadian markets. This waterbed consists of two compartments which creates great stability.

During the World Dairy Expo in Madison Wisconsin 2007, BUC was able to conclude an agreement with ACT to import the Dual waterbed to the Benelux and Germany.

Since its introduction at the trade fair in Leeuwarden 2007, more than 75,000 Dual waterbeds have been sold to date.

In 2012, BUC became the official importer of the Dual Waterbed for the whole of Europe. In 2017, BUC became part of Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts and the BUC and Spinder ranges were integrated.